Minis on The Square

Date(s) - 03/20/20
3:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Lake Sumter Landing

SAVE THE DATE:  3/20/2020

This is our Annual show of Mini Coopers on the Square at Lake Sumter Landing. Come for an evening to sit around the square with your Mini, listen to the music and discuss life and Minis with friends and the public. Bring some snacks, some non-alcoholic beverages, or go across the street for a bite and a brew.

The Square can accommodate 52 Minis. Last year was our closest to meeting that goal as were were only one car short. Come and put us over the top.

We will meet at 3:30 in the parking lot behind Sonny’s BBQ prior to parading in at about 3:45.

Please register PER CAR.

Thanks all.


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Number of spaces booked / available:
Booked: 32 Available: 23

People registered for the event so far:

  • Michael Lassen
  • Mark Amsden
  • Veronica Daley
  • Mark & Sharon Prihoda
  • Creighton Cook
  • Sue Iacovacci
  • MarkMarci
  • Betty (Elizabeth) Schessler
  • Phil Ratliff
  • Maria Richards
  • Patrick Friedmann & Kristine Bosworth
  • Alan Coleman
  • Trish Coleman
  • Carolyn Grasso
  • Harry & Karen Foose
  • Monica Prewitt
  • Jim Greene
  • Bud & Betty Olson
  • Jane & Bob Lawton
  • Diane Grainger
  • Susie Riddles
  • Gary Cogan
  • Nadine Wasteney
  • Ken & Sandy Yarkey
  • Kenneth White
  • DaVinci
  • Mark & Luba Reilly
  • Dianne Montafia
  • Linda Roberts
  • dougseward