Becoming a Member

Membership is open to residents of The Villages who drive a MINI.

Members of The Villages MINI Cooper Club pay annual dues of $10 per person.  You must be a current member to access member restricted areas of the website.  Click HERE for information on how to Register for website access when you become a member.

To pay your dues, see Membership Coordinator at one of the monthly club meetings.

Villages residents are always welcome to attend one of our monthly meetings (whether they currently own a Mini or not). We meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 7 PM at Hibiscus Recreation Center.

Membership and Renewal forms can be submitted at any monthly meeting.  If you’d like to submit via mail, please use the Contact Us form on the site to request more information.

FORMS:                                                                                                                         Mini Club Membership Form

MINI Club Renewal Form