Bylaws 2019

The Villages Mini Cooper Club Bylaws (V2.3.9)

The Villages Mini Cooper Club is a group of Mini Cooper car owners whose mission is to share the knowledge and fun of owning a Mini Cooper automobile with other residents of The Villages, FL who are Mini Cooper owners, with potential owners and the general public and to promote friendship within all the Club functions and with the general public.

ARTICLE 1: PURPOSE OF THE VILLAGES MINI COOPER CLUB (hereinafter referred to as the Club) is to provide a venue to share information for all the Club members and potential Mini Cooper owners, to offer guidance in Mini Cooper ownership, and promote friendship within the Club and general public through meetings and special events.


            Section A:  Qualifications:

1.  Membership is open only to residents of The Villages, FL who have a current Villages I.D. card and own a Mini Cooper automobile or reside in the home of an owner of a Mini Cooper automobile,

2.   Paid the current dues,

3.   Completed the application and registered on the Club website.

Section B:  Responsibilities:

1. Club members have the right to vote for Club officers during elections,

2. Club members may participate in all Club activities,

3. Club members, and their guests,  shall be held to a Code of Conduct.

Section C: Dues and Fees:

1. Annual dues will be assessed and collected by the 1stregular Club meeting in February of  the calendar year,

2. Members who join after November 1 of the current calendar year shall have their membership continued until the end of the next calendar year,

3. Members who have not paid their dues by 1stregular Club meeting in March shall have their names removed from the active Club record and shall not be allowed to attend Club functions as members,

3. Dues shall be set by the Executive Board and approved by a majority vote of the members present at a regular meeting,

4. If a Club member invites a guest to a Club sponsored activity or event, the guest may be required to pay a fee in addition to any member’s fee,

5. From time to time, the Club may sell Grill Badges, magnetic signs, and other Club items to the membership for a fee.


Section A:  Members Rights

1.   It is the expectation that our members shall respect the rights, dignity, and contributions 

of all people connected to the Club or its activities and refrain from any practices that may be discriminatory, real or perceived, against any person on the basis of age, gender, ethnic origin, religion, sexual preference or ability.

2. Club members, their guests, venue staff, and other patrons have the right to be treated fairly, equally and with respect and courtesy at all Club functions or activities.

            Section B:  Member Responsibilities

 1.   A member shall not impugn the reputations of Club members nor shall they verbally, physically or by any type of media harass other members of the Club or others at a Club function or activity,

2.  Members shall behave legally, responsibly, and conduct themselves in a manner which will not harm, cause embarrassment or injure the reputation of the Club, its events, organizers, Board, or participants,

 3.   Members have the responsibility to inform the Board in writing or in person of actual or perceived infractions that they have been the object of or have directly observed.    

Section C: Breach of the Code of Conduct

1.  A member or their guest who presents themselves in a disorderly or disruptive manner at a Club activity or event shall be asked to leave the venue.

2. A member violating the Code of Conduct shall be asked to meet with the Board in a closed session to review their findings and rulings.

3.  Depending upon repetition and severity of the violation, rulings may include any or a combination of:

(a).  Warnings,

(b).  Suspension from Club activities for a limited time,

(c).   Revocation of membership in the Club,

(d).  Lifetime ban on attending Club activities.


Section A:  Regular Membership Meetings shall be held on the 1st Tuesday of the month at a time and

      location within The Villages, FL that meets the needs of the Club,

  Section B: Changes to time or location of regular meetings shall be made at least one month in advance of the scheduled meeting with all members notified by email at that time.

Section C.  The Villages Recreation Department may make changes to the facility that the Club normally uses, or its schedule, with limited notice. The Club shall attempt to notify the membership as necessary.


  1. The officers shall be members in good standing of the Club,
  2. The officers of the Club shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President, and Membership Coordinator,
  3. Elected terms of office shall be for one calendar year,
  4. Club Officers shall be permanent (not seasonal) residents of The Villages, FL.,
  5. If for any reason officers are unwilling or unable to fulfill their term of office, another member may be appointed to fill the remainder of their term of office by the Board.


Section A:  The President shall appoint an Elections Committee in September to select nominees for the Officers’ positions and to conduct impartial elections.

Section B:  At the October Regular Membership Meeting of the Club, nominations shall be presented to the general membership and nominations may be accepted from the floor,

Section C:  The election of Officers will be held at the Regular Membership Meeting in November. 

1. All nominees will be elected by a simple majority (51%) vote of those members present,

2. When there is only one candidate for office the Nominating Committee shall call for the election of the candidate, or slate of candidates, by acclimation,

3. Election will be by written ballot if there is more than candidate for an office,

4.  The Board shall make provisions for voting by the membership in the case where the November regular meeting is cancelled.

ARTICLE 7: EXECUTIVE BOARD (hereinafter referred to as the Board)

Section A:   Members of the Board are: the current Officers (see Article 5,B), and the Chairs of Standing Committees of the Club, 

Section B:   The Officers shall have the power of voice and vote,

Section C:   The Chairpersons of Standing Committees have only the power of voice,

Section D:   The Board shall meet at least quarterly and as may be called by the President of the Club or his or her designee,

Section E:   The Board shall appoint Chairpersons of standing committees,

Section F:   The Board shall make and define policies to aid in the operation of the Club,

Section G:  The Board shall meet in closed session to discuss personal matters or issues that may affect the  reputation of a member,

Section H:  The Board is empowered to make decisions in matters not covered by the By-Laws that are  in the best interest of the Club.

ARTICLE 8: Duties of the Club Officers

Section A:   The President shall: 

1.   Chair the Board and regular membership meetings, 

2.   Provide continuity and coordination of Club operations,

3.   Appoint Bylaws, Elections and other Ad Hoc committee chairpersons as suggested by the Board, or as necessary,

4.   Appoint committee members as suggested by the Chairperson of the committee, the Board, or as necessary,

5.   Direct the Club in a financially responsible manner,

6.   Act as a central point of contact for the Club.

Section B:   The Vice President shall: 

1.  Be aware of the duties and projects of the President and assist the President as necessary,

2.  In the absence of the President, preside at Club meetings and direct official business,

3.  Oversee Committee Chairpersons,

4.  Serve in other capacities as designated by the President or at the Board’s request.

Section C:   The Secretary shall: 

1.  Maintain minutes of all regular and special meetings called by the President,

2.  Hold the official copy of the Club’s By-Laws and policies,

3.  Maintain a list of all policies made and defined by the Board,

4.  Maintain a file, in a safe place, all the Board and regular meeting minutes and correspondence including documents other than those in the custody of the Treasurer,

5.   Receive and file Committee Chairpersons yearly reports,

6.  Serve in other capacities as designated by the President or at the Board’s request.

Section D:   The Treasurer shall: 

1.   Account for the collection and disbursement of Club funds,

2.   Maintain accurate financial records in accordance with good accounting practices,

3.   Deposit and keep the Club funds in a bank account specified by the Board and accessible only to the President and Treasurer,

4.   Present a current Treasurer’s report at each regular meeting,

5.   Present a Finance Report at the end of the calendar year,

6.   Serve in other capacities as designated by the President or at the Board’s request.

Section E:   The Membership Coordinator shall: 

1.   Chair the Membership Committee,

2.   Maintain a complete list of Club members (to include but not limited to: Name, address, email address, Villages I.D. Number, and year, color and model of Mini Cooper), 

3.   Provide a basic Club membership badge and a Club windshield decal to all new members,

4.   Maintain a list of members who have paid their yearly dues; 

5.   Promptly provide the Treasurer with any monies collected for dues, etc. with the name of the member(s) paying those dues.

6.   Serve in other capacities as designated by the President or at the Board’s request.

Section F:  The Immediate Past President shall provide historical perspective and guidance to the Board and the Club in order to maintain continuity of Club events, activities and operations.


Section A:  Standing Committees

  1. Committee Chairperson(s) shall serve for 1 year or until new Committee Chairpersons are reappointed by the Board,
  2. Committee Chairpersons shall provide an annual report to the Secretary by January 15theach year,
  3. Committees may be added or deleted by a majority vote of the Board
  4. Committees shall include but not be limited to the following:

(a)  Membership Committee shall assist the Membership Coordinator in their duties,

(b)  Technology, Web – Internet Committee shall :

(1) design and maintain a website to be used for the secure communication to and amongst the members of the Club and in a limited manner to the general public,

(2) educate the membership in using and navigating the website,

(3)  disseminate information about technological issues to the Club,

(c) Trip Planning Committee shall:

      (1)  research possible outings and support Club members in leading Outings

       (2)  educate the membership at regular meetings  of proposed and confirmed outings for the membership,

      (3) solicit suggestions for Club outings and Trip Leaders

(d)  Programs.

Section B:   Ad Hoc Committees (i.e.  the Bylaws, Elections, and Social Events Committees) are appointed by the President, or the Board, for a defined purpose and duration.


Section A:  All officers and Committees shall act in a fiduciary responsible manner in the best interest of the Club.

Section B:  The President and Treasurer are authorized to write/endorse checks as necessary to conduct the business of the Club. However, neither of these officers may write or endorse a check to themselves.

Section C:   Whenever the President writes or endorse a check or makes a bank deposit, the Treasurer shall be notified by phone or email on the date of transaction.

Section D:   Funds received by the Club shall be used by the President, Treasurer or Board to pay for expenses incurred during regular operations. Excluding events, expenditures in excess of $500 must be approved by the President.

Section E:   The Treasurer’s records shall be audited by a person(s) appointed by the President or the Board to review the records at the end of the Treasurer’s term or as necessary.


Section A:  The Bylaws shall be made available on the Club’s website,

Section B:  The By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting by a majorityvote of members present, provided that electronic or written notice of the proposed amendment has been presented to the membership at least 1 month prior to the vote.

Section C:  By-Laws shall be reviewed and ratified at least every odd numbered year by the Board and by a majority vote of the members present at the first meeting in January.


No individual member, officer or Board member shall be liable for debt, liability, or obligation of the Villages Mini Cooper Club.


Section A:   Any plan for dissolution of the Club must be approved by a majority vote of the Executive Board and approved by a majority vote of the members present at a regular meeting.

Section B:   Distribution of assets will be by recommendation of the Executive Board and approval by a majority vote of the remaining members.

__________________________ Date Last Amended      _________________________ Date Last Ratified        

__________________________ President 

__________________________Vice President


__________________________ Treasurer 

__________________________ Immediate Past President 

__________________________ Membership Coordinator