MOTD 2016 – Villages MINI enroute to MOTD

In 2016 The Villages MINI Cooper Club has eight (8) cars in route to Fontana Village to enjoy several days of motoring fellowship with fellow “MINIaics” at MINIs On The Dragon (MOTD).  We’ll be driving the Tail of the Dragon as well as many of the other scenic drives offered in western North Carolina.  Like last year, I will be posting a daily update from the day’s festivities. 

This year, with the help  of Ken Bornstein, our cars will be sporting this nifty Villages MINI Cooper Club logo. Thanks Ken!


All the Villagers arrived in Fontana Village safe and sound and checked in for the event. Shopping at the local supermarket included some items not easily found at Publix (see photo).

 Tonight was a special welcome dinner where for the 1000+ attendees and just over 700 MINIs.
The Villages MINI Cooper was well represented

And, of course, Jane never misses a chance to flash her tat


Tomorrow our group is breaking off from the organized drives for our our own Villages Club drive on the senic Cherohala Skyway.  Should be a beautiful drive and some great photos weather permitting.



Rain was forecast for today but our group met in Robbinsville and decided to press on with our trip to Tellico Plains via the Cherohala Skyway.   

It was a good thing we did as it turned out to be a glorious day.  Near the North Carolina/ Tennessee boarder the road reaches an elevation of 5400 feet. A bit chilly with the tops down but we managed. 

      After a brief stop in Tellico Plains we decided to head towards the Dragon and a stop for lunch at The Dragon Pit Stop before driving down the Dragon twisties.  

Next it was on to the Dragon. We stopped part way for another breathtaking view.

 Last stop, Deals Gap to pick up some bling for the cars before heading back to Fontana Village via the route called “The Hellbender”.

 A great day!

Our group, now known in MINI circles as “Jane’s Group” went our separate ways today. Karl and Kathleen went sightseeing in Asheville while Bob and Jane made a run to Waynesville. 

The Caseys and Longs made a great run past the Dry Falls to Highlands. A beautiful drive.     On the way back we stopped under the Bridal Falls for a photo op.  

For dinner “Jane’s Group” all assembled at the cabin The Caseys and Longs were sharing in Almond, NC for dinner and S’mores. A great night. 



Having a great lunch at the Everett Street Diner. Yum

Everyone was missing Rhonda at dinner but we did pick up an unexpected couple when Diana & Mike joined us so we are now nine cars strong at MOTD.

Ken & Karin’s new MINI had not one but two bumps in the last 48 hours but fortunately they are fine and ready to tame the Dragon.

Perhaps they were shot at by this guy:

Weather permitting we’ll drive the Cherohala Skyway & the Dragon tomorrow. Otherwise some of us are going to board the Great Smoky Mountain Railway.   Meanwhile here’s a photo of our cigar smokers at the MINI Skirts Dance Party

Note our temporary mascot Kalliope the Service Dog. Great run on the Dragon and several newly minted “Drsgon Slayers”


Had a great lunch along the Cherohala Skyway where Jane befriends another MINI driver who recommended a side trip to Bald River Falls.  Beautiful. 

Bald River Falls. We got some great car pictures which I’ll post when I get them from Mike

Scott and Margaurite lead a terrific tour to visit the Dry Falls 

and great lunch at The Bistro on Main in Highlands, NC. 


But the evening would not have been complete without the song stylings of Scott at MOTD Karaoke night

Villages MINI Club Group shot!

Everyone did their own thing today at minis on the Dragon. Some of us took the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad or drove to Nantahala Outdoor Center. It was a  great way to conclude a great trip. We’ll be posting more photos when we return to Florida but enjoy these for now. 

See you next year!